I’m Rachel, I’m 19, and I really don’t give a fuck liek omG!!!11!!1!11!!!one!!111!!!1!!1!

But I can’t find this Christohlas smut para and I’m mad.

Oh, people should also talk to Gigi. js.

That is all.

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Why have the nurses told my my boyfriend’s been yelling at people to stay away from me?


I think the more important question is, do you want me to go swimming?

Can we just cut to the chase and have sex?

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I’ll just casually have my own little dance party..by myself..


No, talk to me. What’s wrong?

I’m just a stupid fatarse who doesn’t know when to stop eating, is all.

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I’ll just casually have my own little dance party..by myself..




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Would You Guess That I Didn’t Know What to Wear? | Woody

Christian was pacing around for a while. Even though Nick was already his boyfriend, it was his very first date. Anxiety was steaming through his veins as he waited. Luckily for the blond, some of the nurses there were fond of him. He went out his way to chat with them, always make sure they were smiling, and it helped that he had a charming personality. At least, that’s what multiple people had told him. When he had asked his favourite nurse for help with a date he was planning for the other boy, she was quick to agree. If Nick was home, this would have been much easier, but there was only so much a patient had access to in an asylum. It was a good thing he wasn’t there for anything different, because then there could have been great difficulty planning this date. After the help from the nurse, he had a picnic basket full of food and plenty of candles along with a couple of matches. Whilst helping him, she kept bugging him for details on his plans for the evening. At first, he didn’t really want to say, but after her badgering him for so long, he cracked and told her. Once she complimented him, he thanked her and left. And that’s where he was now, pacing and waiting. 

Deciding it was finally time, he picked up the basket, draped the blanket over his arm and put the strap of his guitar over his shoulder. He was good to go. As he made his way out to the gardens, the eighteen-year-old had to stop himself from running his hand through his hair multiple times, not wanting to mess it up. It was bad enough that picking out an outfit was hard—he even asked one of Nick’s best friends for help. After many, many outfit changes, he settled on a red polo with an brownish-orange vest, a dark gray cardigan, gray dress pants and brand new white Vans he hadn’t worn before. According to Destiny, he looked perfect, but it didn’t stop him from being worried about how he looked. Christian wasn’t aware it was how he dressed for the date, hell, Nick had seen him in a t-shirt and sweatpants before, but he wanted to look good for his boyfriend.

Once the blanket was placed on the ground, he set up the candles all around it, lighting each one of them, leaving them with enough light. He decided to leave the food in the basket, to help keep the food warm. Looking around, everything looked nice. They were surrounded by beautiful plants, they had his guitar, the food and the area was lit by candles. He did good, he thought. As he stood there, admiring his work, all that was missing was his boyfriend.